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E*TRADE informed Charles Lynch that they would be closing his IRA and Brokerage accounts. They would not tell Lynch why they were closing his accounts stating that in the Agreement forms that they can close your account for any reason.

Lynch then tried opening an IRA account at Scott Trade and then Share Builder and both brokerage houses denied Lynch's application because of a report by a company named CDC, Compliance Data Center, Inc.

Lynch requested the documents from CDC used in the brokerage's decisions which turned out to be the initial press release from the DEA when Lynch was arrested which grouped Lynch with a large number of arrests in 2007 relating to medical marijuana.

Lynch filed complaints with the SEC and FINRA. And heard back from each Broker that they can do as they wish and reiterated that they would not open an account for Lynch. E*TRADE decided to let Lynch's accounts remain frozen until the result of Lynch's Appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is decided.

Lynch's attorney's also wrote a letter that will accompany the CDC reports to those who request the report. There is apparently some unwritten law about people showing up on this CDC list are banned from society. The CDC report lists only the DEA propaganda story they ran when he was arrested.

Lynch has had accounts with E*TRADE for over 10 years which he opened when he worked for Veritas/Seagate in the early 2000's and has had some luck trading penny stocks in the past. Lynch's current IRA account has about $4000.00 which is stuck on the downside in junk Penny Stocks. The IRA money in Lynch's account came from an inheritance his little brother J. Pat Lynch left him when he died in 2008.

UPDATE: 2/1/2014 Got letters from E*TRADE on my Bank, Trading, IRA and SEP accounts that they would be closing them.
UPDATE: 4/7/2014 E*TRADE called this morning, Elaina Fair, Sunday 9 am, to tell they were going to transfer my accounts to the state because I had abandoned them. I informed the caller that I login regularly and have not abandoned my accounts but have not transacted as they are frozen. Also I said I did not want my accounts closed and asked why my accounts were being closed. She said that she could not say why but said they were going to transfer them to the State. I asked which state and she said after a delay, New Mexico. I finally got a little juice going and told here that I know why E*TRADE is closing my accounts and I think the Federal Government is bullying E*TRADE around forcing them to close my accounts because of my medical marijuana case. I also mentioned that I previously recieved letters from E*TRADE saying they would wait until the outcome of my 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case before closing my account. She cooly said it was not her decision and that my accounts would be closed whether I objected or not. She said I could write a letter though. So I wrote my letter and faxed it on 4/8/2014.
UPDATE: 4/8/2014 Call from E*TRADE, Elaina Fair, and I returned the call and spoke to another agent asking me where I would like to have my assets transfered. I said I did not request a transfer and I wanted my accounts to be left in place. The I told him again my story 'closing account cause of MMJ arrest' and he had some opinioins he could not talk about. He also at one point had to call upstairs to find out some answers and he came back saying they would not give him any information either and that any correspondence with me (except theirs to me of course...) is to be in written letter. I told him I faxed a letter today to E*TRADE telling them I did not want to close my accounts yet.
UPDATE: November 2014, E*TRADE closed Lynch's bank account without notification.
UPDATE: February 6 2017; My IRA, SEP and Trading accounts have been frozen for years pending the outcome of his 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. I got tired of watching the E*TRADE posts and ads showing up on my timeline basically saying 'ask the tought questions'. So on February 6th I posted posted my question which I have since deleted as they accelerated closing my accounts after I posted, it went something like this:

What is E*TRADE's policy for people with a Marijuana Arrest and why are they denied accounts, while on the other hand E*TRADE sells stocks in companies that manufacture and distribute marijuana which is a schedule I Drug. Believe you me after I posted that I got pretty nervous and about had a heart attack. But I left it up for a day or so. Then on February 27, 2017 I logged into my frozen E*TRADE accounts and noticed messages that my accounts were being closed immediately. I called up E*TRADE and had a pretty long chat with them about all the cool stuff I learned in Federal Court and how Marijuana is a Schedule I Drug for everybody. Anyhow they about had a heart attack too and put me on hold and I guess hung up on me.
UPDATE: February 10, 2017. I recieved three unsigned letters from E*TRADE, dated February 6, 2017 saying E*TRADE has decided to excercise their discretion to close my accounts.
UPDATE: February 10, 2017. I called E*TRADE about them closing my accounts and they put me on hold and was disconnected.
UPDATE: February 10, 2017. I filed a Whistle Blower complaint with the FINRA and it went like this:

E*TRADE Securities is closing my accounts for a 10 year old marijuana arrest. I operated a City Sanctioned Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Morro Bay California and was convicted in Federal Court of distributing marijuana. I was not convicted of any money crimes or violence. My case is before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and I have a strong chance winning. E*TRADE has been trying to close my accounts for years because of my marijuana arrest but said they would wait until the completion of my 9th Circuit Court of appeals Decision. My case is nearly 10 years old. I submit to you that E*TRADE wants to close my account and deny me being a part of the Free Market for a Marijuana Arrest, while on the other hand they Sell Stocks in companies that are distributing a schedule I drug, marijuana, which is against Federal Law. I have a frozen E*TRADE IRA account so I posted on Social Media a question to E*TRADE asking about their policy regarding Marijuana Arrests. I did not receive a response and instead the Next day have noticed that E*TRADE has begun closing my accounts without my request or consent. I have been dragged through Federal Court over Medical Marijuana so I have a pretty clear understanding of the Federal Controlled Substance Act and what operating a Continuing Criminal Enterprise means. And for E*TRADE to deny myself and others with marijuana arrests while they conspire to distribute Marijuana through the sale and Transfer of Stock through Marijuana Companies is not only immoral but also a Federal Crime at RICO levels I assert. So if E*TRADE insists in denying me an account for a Marijuana arrest, then I insist on filing a Federal Complaint against E*TRADE and other brokers of Conspiring to Distribute Marijuana and using the power of their financial institutions to deny me my rights and others to be a part of the Free Market so they can have complete control of an entire emerging industry. Please respond to me as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Charles C Lynch
UPDATE: February 11, 2017. I called E*TRADE about them closing my accounts and spoke to Stanley Nwizu. He listened to my rant and then put me on hold and said he would call me back on a different day since it was a Saturday and the bosses were not there.
UPDATE February 13, 2017 the FINRA responded:

Mr. Lynch,
Thank you for contacting FINRA’s Office of the Whistleblower. Please note that we cannot provide you with legal or investment advice. I suggest you consult with your own counsel regarding options that may be available to you.

Joseph Ozag

I responded back:

At this point I am not seeking Legal or investment advice; I am reporting a possible violation of the Controlled Substances Act. Good Day!
UPDATE February 13: E*TRADE returned my call and I talked to Stanley Nwizu and he told me that my accounts would be liquidated regardless and if I would like to liquidate them now he could assist me. I responded No! and began my rant and eventually ended the call.
UPDATE February 14: I got scared and intimidated by E*TRADE accelerating the closing of my accounts regarding my posts and statements. So I cleansed my comments and Timeline of all my E*TRADE arguments.
BREAKING NEWS: February 21, 2017. E*TRADE responded to my February 6 'Twitter Post' and a written response from the Complicance Department should be expected soon.

In the meantime, please address any new concerns or questions regarding your account with Customer Service at 800-387-2331.

Frank Ryan
Compliance Analyst
Compliance Department
E*TRADE Securities LLC.

BREAKING NEWS: March 4, 2017 Received possibly final response from E*TRADE regarding to my February 6 'Twitter Post' in a letter dated February 24, 2017:
Mr. Lynch, … you agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in the E*TRADE securities Brokerage Customer Agreement, as amended from time to time, Section 4 of the Agreement states that E*TRADE securities reserves the right to terminate your account or to block access to their Service without notice, for any reason or for no reason.

UPDATE March 6, 2017 Lynch made the following public post on Facebook

Authority to Discriminate
Authority to Refuse Service to Anyone
Authority to Issue Lifetime Financial Punishment and Disenfranchisement
Authority to refuse Service in Violation of Civil Rights Act of 1964
Authority to Distribute a Schedule I Drug in Violation of Controlled Substances Act of 1970
Authority to Conspire to Violate Appropriations Act Section 542

Medical Marijuana Defendant and War on Drugs Veteran Charles Lynch is being exited from yet another Cannabis Party. Not only has Lynch been selectively barred from being a part of the Marijuana Industry by Federal Prosecutors, but now his is being kicked out of the emerging Marijuana Stock Market by the friendly folks at E*TRADE.

In 2010 Lynch's IRA, SEP and trading accounts with E*TRADE were frozen based on information in a Marijuana Arrest Registry, MAR, provided by Compliance Data Center, Inc. The information shows through public records that Lynch was arrested in 2007. Lynch does not deny the fact he was arrested, but he does argue that this 10 year old arrest should not be grounds to deny him access to Free Emerging Markets. In fact Lynch appealed E*TRADE's actions in 2010 and E*TRADE granted a wait of closure until the 9th Circuit court of appeals decided on his Marijuana case. Lynch's Medical marijuana case is still pending before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lynch who has patiently waited years missing financial opportunities, suffering financial despair and disenfranchisement while his accounts have been frozen, finally decided after a tirade of online Ads from E*TRADE that kept appearing on his Facebook time line telling him 'To ask the tough trading questions' and 'Call us we can help' to do just that, ask some tough questions and make some calls. So in response to one of these online public Facebook Ads Lynch posted the comment:

What is E*TRADE's official policy on people with marijuana arrests regarding IRA and trading accounts and what legal right does E*TRADE have to deny a person an account based on a marijuana arrest. Also what is E*TRADE's legal authority to participate in a possibly illegal market by conspiring to distribute stocks of companies that manufacture marijuana which is a Schedule I Drug according to the Controlled Substances Act.

Lynch thought these were interesting questions being that he himself has been found in violation of Federal Law for a much smaller deed and was curious as to what immunity E*TRADE may have and wanted to know for his own Federal case. Also it would be interesting to know as to E*TRADE's legal immunity to Distribute possibly illegal stocks as that may be entrapping unknowing buyers that theoretically could be prosecuted under Federal Law too.

For example GW Pharmaceuticals, stock symbol GWPH they are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of marijuana a schedule I Drug in the United States. Not only that, but E*TRADE may also participate in the interstate and global commerce (in this case since GWPH is a UK based company) by transferring and selling the UK Company's stock. Lynch claims if these institutions were to be held to the same legal standard as many marijuana defendants, institutions like E*TRADE could be charged with conspiring to distribute a schedule I Drug at RICO in violation of Federal and International Laws.

After posting "The tough Questions" on Feb 6, 2017 E*TRADE immediately accelerated the closing of Lynch's frozen accounts. Lynch noticed this by logging into his account and had secure messages waiting without even a email notification. Lynch quickly sent a secure message telling E*TRADE that he had not requested his accounts to be closed and they were possibly being fraudulently closed by a person within the company who hates marijuana people for some reason. 'Pretty much on the level of hate crime and discrimination' Lynch claims.

Lynch also made calls to E*TRADE representatives and they attempted to intimidate Lynch to quickly liquidate his accounts. Lynch informed E*TRADE he had no intentions of liquidating and asked the above questions verbally only to be told that E*TRADE reserves the right to do as they please. Out of fear and intimation by E*TRADE's actions of immediately closing his accounts, Lynch became financially fearful and deleted his comments from E*TRADE's Facebook pages. Within days Lynch received unsigned letters from E*TRADE informing him the 30 day closure of his IRA, SEP and Brokerage accounts had begun as of February 6, 2017[1][2][3]. A few days after that Lynch received a fourth, this time signed letter, from E*TRADE saying they would respond to Lynch's questions posted in his February 6 Twitter Post[4].

In the meantime, Lynch went to the FINRA website, a watchdog group that E*TRADE is a member of, and reported via whistle blower Email the questions of E*TRADE's authority to discriminate by closing accounts and E*TRADE's authority to participate in a possibly illegal market. The FINRA responded in an email to Lynch there was nothing they could do and he should seek legal counsel. Lynch responded via email that he was not seeking legal advice but reporting a possible violation of the Controlled Substances Act[5]. Lynch has not received a response to that email.

On Saturday February 4, 2017 Lynch received E*TRADE's initial response[6] to the tough questions of what special rights E*TRADE has to discriminate against individuals, financially punish individuals for a lifetime, to violate Civil Rights Laws and their right to possibly violate the Controlled Substances Act. Here is E*TRADE's response:

Mr. Lynch, … you agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in the E*TRADE securities Brokerage Customer Agreement, as amended from time to time, Section 4 of the Agreement states that E*TRADE securities reserves the right to terminate your account or to block access to their Service without notice, for any reason or for no reason.

So there you have it Folks E*TRADE's has issued themselves unquestionable and unlimited authority:

1. To Refuse service to patrons based on arbitrary conditions which in itself a possible violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
2. To Discriminate against individuals based on public information
3. To possibly conspire to Distribute a Schedule I Controlled Substance
4. To issue lifetime financial incarceration and punishment on behalf of the government in the form of financial disenfranchisement

Lynch asserts that E*TRADE financial has hidden in the back rooms a "Right to Refuse Service to Anyone" sign and is using it to kick Charles Lynch, and probably many more, out the Stock Market Cannabis Party. Lynch says he ain't no lawyer, he aint no Civil Rights attorney and thank God he ain't a Federal Prosecutor, but if E*TRADE were to be dragged into Federal Court in shackles and chains like oh so many defendants have, I am afraid it would be a bad day on the Market for E*TRADE.

NOTE: Since Appropriations Act Section 542 disallows Federal Government from spending money to over throw state Medical Marijuana laws, then it is arguable that this would also imply that Businesses such as E*TRADE cannot conspire to use that same information to deny individuals access to financial institutions.

cc: Donald J. Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Congressman Jared Polis, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Dana Rohrabacher, Earl Blumenauer, Jerry Brown, Attorney General Becerra, House Oversight Committee, E*TRADE, FINRA, ACLU

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