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11-11-2013 Los Angeles based Daily Journal News paper runs article about Lynch appeal. Click here for the article.

05-13-2010 Eric Holder questioned by Judicial Oversight Committee about Charles C. Lynch case. Located at 1:09 in the Video CSPAN

05-13-2010 Sheriff Hedges leaves a sordid legacy SLO New Times

05-07-2010 Federal Judge Recommends Reclassification of Medical Marijuana Salem-News

05-06-2010 Charles C. Lynch files appeal to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Friends of CCL

04-29-2010 Judge Wu issues final Sentencing Memo Friends of CCL

10-28-2009 Medical Marijuana's Poster Child Pain Solutions Magazine

10-27-2009 Medical Marijuana Truth in Trials Act introduced into Congress Americans for Safe Access

10-22-2009 How will the DOJ's new stance affect Charlie Lynch

10-19-2009 Local marijuana advocate reacts to Obama's new policy KSBY

10-19-2009 How will new Fed Guidelines on Medical Marijuana affect Charles Lynch

10-19-2009 A federal about-face on medical marijuana Los Angeles Times

10-19-2009 US eases stance on medical marijuana Washington Post

10-19-2009 Obama Administration issues new Federal Medical Marijuana Policy Department of Justice

10-09-2009 Federal Prosecutors Nudge Judge Wu into finishing Sentencing Judgement Friends of CCL

08-18-2009 9th Circuit court of Appeals Dismiss Government and Lynch Appeals Friends of CCL

07-13-2009 Federal Government files Notice of Appeal to measly one year sentence Friends of CCL

06-18-2009 Central Coast Marijuana Dispenser sentenced to Federal Prison SLO New Times  

06-15-2009 Lynch Files Appeal to Conviction and Sentence Friends of CCL

06-12-2009 Prison term for a seller of Medical Marijuana New York Times

06-12-2009 Morro Bay Pot Store owner gets 1 year sentence Los Angeles Times  

06-12-2009 Medical Marijuana: The Police View ABC News 2020 with John Stossel  

06-12-2009 Charles Lynch Sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in Prison The Liberty Papers 

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